How Leopard Print is Evolving

For most fashion followers out there, 2019 was all about leopard print. For people like me… leopard print is life! Like so many, I’ve been obsessed with leopard print for all of my adult life – crack open my wardrobe and you’ll find head scarves, blouses, collared t-shirts, dresses, chelsea boots, and that’s not to mention what’s under the bed! Leopard (or cheetah) print is so versatile, and it adds a pop, a sparkle and, maybe even an edginess that matches everything and, in my opinion, will never ever go out of style. 

It’s no surprise it was a favourite of punk legends like Debbie Harry, R&B bad girls like Lil’ Kim, pop royalty like Scary Spice and – who could forget – soap matriarchs like brash, powerful, no nonsense Bet Lynch (great name, great character, honest to god style icon). It reappeared on the world stage again in late 2018 and it never left, it just grew up.. If you have headed out to your high street favourites like Dorothy Perkins, Oasis and New Look in the last 18 months you’ll have seen not just the print, but its evolution.

In Autumn of 2019, the way to wear leopard print was to take it away from the classic brown, sandy, and beigey backgrounds that most closely resemble the animal’s iconic fur, and pair it with classic autumnal shades like red, khaki greens and navy. In our collection (which you can find here) I first started painting the print onto our jewellery in the spring of 2019, and I still have yet to  tire of these simple yet impactful little splodges. Part of the reason behind this is that the style is so easy to edit, customise, evolve and play with. In the Autumn we started pairing the print with neon backgrounds, creating some of our favourite pieces like the neon leopard print chunky teardrop earrings.

So, how are we updating the look for 2020? ALL. BRIGHT. EVERYTHING. Of course! What do we mean by that? It all comes down to my particular style of painting leopard print. I use black and gold paint to create the traditional print’s spontaneous splodges, then pour my desired colour of resin over the top. To blow the cobwebs away, this year I’ve been switching up not just the background colours, but all the colours. Taking our favourite complimentary shades, we’re swapping the black and gold paints for your favourite brights. Check out some of our latest products to see the final result!

Which leads me to my question for you: What colour pairing would you go for? What do you think of the combos we’ve chosen?