History Has Its Eyes on Us

Anyone who keeps up to date with current affairs will be aware of the protests to police brutality against Black people and people of colour in America and across the world; protests which are leading to a long overdue and just revolution in which systematic racism is being called out and dismantled.

The effects of systematic racism, white privilege and white supremacy have been an ongoing daily reality for so many people across the world, and the events of the past couple of months have woken many of us up to the fact that there is so much more we must be doing to make the world a fairer and more equitable place for everyone.

Our time over the past few weeks has been occupied by reading, researching and learning more about white privilege and working on what we can do in the fight towards anti-racism. We understand that this work will never end, so we will continue to devote our time to discovering what more we can do to dismantle the system that overwhelmingly favours white people, and raise the voices of people of colour in our society and throughout the world.

We are determined that the progression and change happening in the world today does not end with a black square on a timeline and a petition signed, after which business as usual resumes. We believe that the revolution we are seeing at the moment has been a long time coming, and will create a better world for future generations. Therefore, it’s important that we all keep using whatever resources we have to help in the fight.

Our plan, both personally and as a business is to:
– Share the work of people of colour and amplify the voices of Black artists
– Keep up to date with current race related affairs beyond what is reported in the mainstream news media
– Shop with Black owned businesses and amplify those voices when possible
– Ensure that we seek out and sign petitions and write to MPs and business leaders to encourage a fairer system for everyone
– Actively speak out against injustice every time we are aware of it
– Read more by Black authors and people of colour to educate ourselves out of white supremacy and learn a more universal perspective
– Listen to, trust and amplify Black voices and those telling their personal experiences of racism
– Not let a fear of saying the wrong thing or making a mistake stop us from doing what we know to be right in the fight for equity

We understand that ‘ally’ is not just a noun; it’s a verb. Allyship requires daily work.

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