Autumn wear? Over at Luna and Kiki, that’s where!

Yes the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us, and, as everyone will know by now, this is our favourite time of year. There’s that early autumn sunshine, when hot, sunny days surprise the jacket right off your shoulders, and a walk in the park becomes a pleasant golden wonderland. There are the […]

What is resin & why do we ❤️ it?

We’ve been experimenting with resin since the Spring of 2016. Way back then we almost exclusively made necklaces, and we sold each one for £5! The packaging was crafty, the branding was non-existent… it’s amazing to think how much has changed about Luna & Kiki since then, but one thing has remained constant – our […]

Getting Jazzy with Terrazzo!

If you’re a fan of colourful home decor there’s a chance you’ll have heard the word terrazzo, and it’s certainly a look that will be universally recognisable, even if you didn’t know this was what it was called. The technique is one which has been used for centuries – in fact some of the oldest […]

How this TV Show Has Influenced Luna & Kiki Favourites

Influences for our Luna and Kiki jewellery come from everywhere. Since we started creating bright, fun pieces we’ve been inspired by everything from Japanese pop culture to worldwide folklore and fairy tales. Lately though there’s been one bright, fashion forward, ground breaking and completely addictive Netflix show that has been an endless source of inspiration […]

5 Easy Tips for Working From Home

For those of us who are self-employed, part time business owners, or freelance workers, all this working from home lark is second nature, so while the world has been battling with keeping pets out of meetings, not eating too many snacks and finding the motivation to peel off the PJs of a morning, us lot […]

How Leopard Print is Evolving

For most fashion followers out there, 2019 was all about leopard print. For people like me… leopard print is life! Like so many, I’ve been obsessed with leopard print for all of my adult life – crack open my wardrobe and you’ll find head scarves, blouses, collared t-shirts, dresses, chelsea boots, and that’s not to […]