Helping Out Santa’s Elves

(AKA the UK’s amazing postal workers)

Ho ho hellooooo! It’s finally December, so it’s time for Luna & Kiki to get vocal with our customers about Christmas postage times.

The Royal Mail

Like most small businesses in the UK, we send all our parcels through the Royal Mail. In fact, we don’t even have to go to the post office most of the time, your orders usually fit into any post box. That definitely makes things easier for us, but, as most of us will be relying on postal services for our Christmas shopping, it’s clear that this will be an unprecedented year for the Royal Mail. Some customers already experienced delays in receiving items earlier in the year, and, since this December will be a record month for post, we are expecting delays. We have had to take this into account when deciding on our last recommended shopping days.

Made to Order

Most of the products on our website and Etsy are made to order. It’s what makes them so special! This is why we usually say your products will be dispatched within 5-7 days (we don’t mean business days either. We really do work every day of the week to ensure your product gets to you ASAP). This has to be kept in mind when ordering from us, especially at Christmas. If you order something that takes up to 5 days to make as late as the 18th of December, it will simply not reach you by Christmas.

It’s vital to keep in mind that your order date and the item’s dispatch date will be days apart. We are not Amazon, and we cannot guarantee next day delivery.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The truth is, I, a jewellery maker sitting here in my spare room can only hope that when I drop your beautiful products in the post box, they arrive to you in the time stated by the Royal Mail, but that’s not always the case. For this reason, considering the extra-busy UK postal service, and the fact that your product may take up to a week to produce, we recommend getting your orders in as soon as possible. Seriously, don’t wait. We recommend our customers order by MONDAY 7TH DECEMBER if you want to receive your item by Christmas. We are IN NO WAY able to guarantee that these items will still reach you in time for Christmas, but that’s our recommended cut off date.

Christmas Closing Times

My partner and I are both December babies (the 19th and the 21st!) Therefore we will be shutting up shop on the 18th of December and reopening with a site wide sale on the 27th. You can still order after Monday 7th December, but we expect delays, and therefore we stress that orders placed after the 7th of December may not reach you by Christmas Day.

There you have it! We will be open for orders until the 18th of December, but we recommend ordering before Monday 7th of December if you are hoping to receive your item by Christmas.

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