5 Easy Tips for Working From Home

For those of us who are self-employed, part time business owners, or freelance workers, all this working from home lark is second nature, so while the world has been battling with keeping pets out of meetings, not eating too many snacks and finding the motivation to peel off the PJs of a morning, us lot are dab hands by now!

For the past two years, I’ve been working from home in a variety of capacities, and every Monday and the occasional Friday I have navigated the perils and perks of remote working and come up with a few ideas on what can make the experience a bit easier.


It’s so easy to snack when you know you’ve got a packet of digestives right next to the kettle, but in a time where we’re not going out or moving around anywhere near as much as normal it’s important to resist the snacks. The best antidote is really simple, and really boring. Do what your mum told you every time you moaned about how hungry you were; drink a glass of water. If it’s a difficult thing to do, get a pint glass, leave it by the sink, set an alarm every hour, fill it, down it and carry on with your day.

Stretch and breathe

Those who have been stuck at home for a while by now may have got to the end of the week and thought, why am I so achey? No matter how carefully constructed your working area is, a change in routine and more time in a specific posture will cause aches and pains. Once an hour – maybe after you’ve downed your pint – have a good stretch, do some basic yoga postures and take some nice big breaths. Close your eyes and imagine the breath in your legs, arms, shoulders, forehead. Then carry on with your day, feeling nice and refreshed.

Comfort is key

It’s easy to think home working means no more shoes, no more shirts and – joy of joys – no more bra, but the truth is, you have to work hard to learn what’s comfortable to you. My wardrobe of jersey material tops and trousers has definitely expanded since I first went part time to work on Luna and Kiki, but, as someone who has always enjoyed the morning ritual of applying make up, attempting something with my hair and wearing nice clothes, I like to ensure that at least one day a week I look my best. The way you dress can really change the way you feel, so it’s important to feel comfortable whatever you wear. 

Layer up

Whatever you select, however, make sure you layer up! If you’re spending more time than usual at home, and especially if you live in an old house, you’ll be surprised at how unchangeable the temperature can be! Layers are far more reliable, economical and better for the environment than cranking the heat up and having it going all day long. Don’t forget those socks especially!


It’s a fact, working from home means more working. There will always be something to do, there will always be a reason to stick to your computer or workspace. Especially at first, you’ll feel the luxury of time means you can and should get so much more done. This is wrong! Take a decent lunch break and stop at home time. This is best for your wellbeing and will help you stay passionate and interested.

I hope I’ve been able to help you with these tops tips. Are you new to working from home? Let me know if you use any of this advice, or if you have any of your own that could help me!

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